Janice Denegri- Knott (Head)


Janice is Associate Editor of Marketing Theory, Head of the Centre and co-editor of the Journal of Promotional Communications.

Prior to joining academia in 2001, Janice’s background was in Communications for Development. She has worked in both corporate and marketing communications in not-for-profit organisations in South America, designing and executing marketing and communication strategies to develop funds. Janice is now Principal Academic in Consumer Culture and Behaviour, specialising in emerging consumer and digital cultures. Since 2001, she has been researching and publishing in the areas of digital virtual consumption and consumer/marketing research. Her research interests span from conceptualising and documenting digital virtual consumption and its practices, the emergence of media technology, the socio-historic patterning of consumption and more generally the subject of power in consumer and marketing research. She received her PhD in Management from the University of Exeter. Her work has been published in journals including : Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of Consumer Culture, Consumption, Markets & Culture and the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

Her area of expertise is consumption in digital virtual environments. She has published extensively on what stimulates consumers’ desire to acquire digital virtual goods and how consumers’ come to assign value to their digital virtual possessions. She has done consultancy work for a range of companies like The Daily Telegraph, iTV, Channel 4 and the Wessex Group.