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Associates 2019-20

Chelsea Baldwin is a sushi expert, a stand out skill from her CV. This has been gained, having completed a year internship as Local Marketing Executive at YO! Sushi. Chelsea is back in Bournemouth to complete her final year of Marketing Communications, with aspirations to join a creative agency. So if you need a sushi expert and/or copywriter, she’s ya girl!

Jessica Dawling. After returning from a year long placement at The Walt Disney Company, she is working towards her dream job in Advertising.  She is great with all things Social Media & Digital, she can even get you 2 million subscribers on YouTube. So far, she has watched over 20 musicals and can probably sing the whole of the Wicked soundtrack… backwards.

Spandana Gaddamedi is an enthusiastic person who tries to find a creative outcome for any challenge she faces. She loves to learn new concepts and challenge herself with how creative and strategically she can asses a situation.  She basically wants to shape her career in advertising and marketing.

Alisa Hufsky is a final year Marketing Communications Student at Bournemouth University. She is an ambitious and creative person who loves to work on exciting and innovative projects and is always up for a challenge. In her spare time, you’ll find her at the beach with her dog Chilli.

 Lauren Houston is a final year Advertising student, returning from a year long placement at 2K Games where she helped launch Borderlands 3. She has a huge passion for gaming, photography and gin. If you ever see her without a coffee during a 9am, please pray for her.

Maari Innes is a passionate traveler, sport enthusiast and a dog lover. After two years of travelling and working as a PR assistant, Maari is eager to study her postgraduate degree in Marketing Communications in Bournemouth University. She cant wait to see where her new adventure in her career takes her to.

Inaiyah Javed is a final year Advertising student, returning from a year long placement at Mattel, where she worked with licensors such as Disney, Universal and Nickelodeon. She is a creative individual who loves taking on exciting projects and never shies away from a challenge.  She also loves baking and painting in her spare time.

Georgia Jones is a final year marketing communications student returning to Bournemouth University after a year in industry, working as a brand and communications intern. Her areas of interest include consumer behaviour, ethics and creative communication. When she’s not in the library, you’ll find her in the kitchen baking or binge-watching Netflix.

Leo Nash is a final year PR student that is dedicated to volunteer and charity work. After a years experience at Victoria’s Promise, a start-up cancer prevention charity, his passion for the important role of PR has grown and is only matched by his love of music.

Kristyana Papa-Adams has finished her year placement at HBO/ Warner Brothers and is extremely excited to jump back into final year with the knowledge she has from working in the International Business Planning team. Kristyana cannot wait to start her modules and align it with the experience she has under her belt. Kristyana wants to specialise in digital marketing after graduation.

Oliver Prew is a final year Advertising student and after having completed his placement at a creative comms agency, has new-found passions for research, strategy, and politics. He is now looking to turn these interests into a successful career.

Anamaria Porras is a final year Marketing Communications student. After coming back from a years placement she is looking to develop her understanding of marketing practice further to ensure she is fully equipped to make a difference in the industry. She loves getting involved in creative and innovative work, coming up with solutions to marketing related problems as well as implementing ideas in  practice. When she isn’t in the library she is swimming or walking her miniature dog Bruno.

Kaylee Ramman has previously gained experience in Public Relations and Marketing during internships in London, but now she is studying for her postgraduate degree in Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University. She is passionate about sustainability, animal welfare and loves cooking, traveling and working o

Katie Sparrow is a small-town girl, searching for a big-time gig. With a passion for dog petting, and a years’ worth of experience as a Marketing Intern, I am curious about what makes people tick and passionate about finding creative means to engage them.

Arron Thomas-Perry. Hard hitting, enthusiastic and go-getting Manc, making his way in the South. Specialist skills include: brand campaign management, sales and photography/photoshop. Looking to enhance my digital marketing skill set in a funky workplace, that fits my outgoing personality!

Ella Trench is a final year Marketing Communications student returning from a years placement within the fragrance and haircare industry at Coty UK.  She is passionate about creating meaningful content and relationships with consumers. As well as trash TV, and calligraphy. Hoping to one day combine the three.

Sophie Williams, a 22-year-old from Fleet who would love a job in a creative industry. Currently studying for an Advertising degree and with one years’ experience working in a regional role at Johnson & Johnson. I also have a keen interest in fashion, food and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Associates 2018-19

Mary Aboh is a final year PR student who has experience working in a digital marketing agency for over 8 months. Passionate about entrepreneurship and consumer behaviour, her interest in the entrepreneur mindset and consumer behaviour developed as she started her own business. Upon her return to university for final year she is eager to gather as much knowledge and insight into consumer behaviour so she can add value to her work with clients and fellow colleagues.

Danyal Ahmed is a chill-out dude with a tendency to get obsessive about random things now and then. He aspires to experience life to the fullest. Currently, he is working towards a career in advertising which he hopes will keep him the right amount of ‘interested’.

Victoria Brennan is a final year PR student at Bournemouth University. Passionate about the psychology behind the media, she has a strong interest in the study of audience behaviour and how we can channel our key messages appropriately. She has completed two industrial placements as a Marketing Assistant at Bauer Media and an eCRM Marketing Executive at Superdrug. As the two placements varied between print and digital media, she has confidence in communicating with the use of many different platforms

Callum Bunce is a final year student at Bournemouth University studying Public Relations. He spends his placement working at Vibrant Partnerships as a PR intern, the company that managed all the Olympic legacy venues such as Lee Valley VeloPark and Lee Valley White Water Centre.  He has a strong passion for sport but is looking to broaden his horizons before venturing into the industry next year.

Sian Davey is a ginger northerner living in the south of England, currently working towards getting her dream job in advertising. Not opposed to office dogs.

Minh Doan has a strong passion for Creative and Strategy. With 2 years work experience at an advertising agency, she has witnessed how the industry has transformed itself with the arrival of social media platforms and other technological innovations. So, she wants to study more, listen more and observe more.  She really appreciates cultural diversity and is eager to explore how to “read” the right insight of consumers.

Denis Erturan  is a final year Advertising student at Bournemouth University. He has had an interest in advertising since he can remember. He is forever trying to understand the influence of advertising on culture (or is it culture that influences advertising?). Understanding the future of consumerism is pivotal to any understanding of modern culture itself, and Denis hopes to make his contribution to the industry, be it in academia or commercially. 

Aleix  Escorsel is an Advertising student at Bournemouth university currently working my way through final year. He was born in Catalunya and can speak three languages. He is looking for a job in an advertising agency based in a young and vibrant city. He loves working in an energetic workplace and spend a lot of the time on his feet. On weekends he likes to take bike rides and goes snowboarding whenever he can. He recently spent a year working in a successful marketing agency in Bristol which really helped him to gain confidence and expertise in the industry.

William Holland 
is a Bournemouth University student completing his final year of Marketing Communications. After completing his 14 month placement at Amplicon Liveline, Brighton-based Industrial Computer manufacturer, Will has significantly developed his marketing accruement and is looking forward to implementing his new found knowledge with the Promotional Cultures & Communication Centre.Eloise is a PR student in her final year of study at Bournemouth University. After returning from her year in industry working on motorsport accounts at Weber Shandwick London, she is more driven then ever to develop her knowledge on consumer behaviour and collaborate with her colleagues this year at the PCCC.

Samara Hutabarat  is  a Bournemouth University Communications and Media graduate currently studying for a Masters Degree in Advertising.  She is a 20 year old girl from Indonesia. She is very active and does a lot of sports, performing arts and is very interested in media and advertising. She is hoping to one day be able to work in a creative environment.

Eloise Kemp is a PR student in her final year of study at Bournemouth University. After returning from her year in industry working on motorsport account at Weber Shandwick London, she is more driven than ever to develop her knowledge on consumer behaviour to collaborate with her colleagues this year at PCCC.

Oliver  Kozsla, communicator since ’96, interested in anything bettering the world and the environment, obsessed with films and mini golf. Oliver previously worked for a Bournemouth based not-for-profit charity and a big pharmaceutical company focusing on digital communications, internal and community relations and employee branding. Born in the year of Toy Story and the Start Button, he is always ready to take on a new challenge.

Anna Lapacz is a passionate PR researcher, hobbyist writer and a beginner yogini. Her interest to research blossomed while working as a Copy Editor of the Journal of Promotional Communications. Having completed her industrial placement year as a B2B PR Assistant at Panasonic Business, she returned to Bournemouth University as a final year PR student eager to dig deeper into corporate communications and global reputation management.  You can often find Anna hidden in Europe where she absorbs different cultures and languages.

Julie Maibøll is a Bournemouth University student completing a Masters degree in Advertising. She is out-going, creative and very passionate about marketing and advertising. She wishes to work within the ad industry when finished with her degree as she appreciates a fast-paced, energetic and vibrant workplace. With a hands-on, proactive and innovative approach to work, she sees herself working with account management. Furthermore, she enjoys being social and working together with other people.

Yana Miladinova is a final year PR student and President of the PR Society at Bournemouth University. Over the last year, she has gained experience in the B2B sector as a PR Account Executive at Red Setter working with some of the leading design and branding agencies in the world. She is blogging about PR, digital communications, social media and industry events at her own website. She would love to work in a vibrant environment in the creative industry, that involves lots of networking and if possible, cakes on a Friday.

Gloria Redaelli is an energetic undergraduate student with managerial celebrity PR experience looking for a fast paced, creative work outlet. Excels in handling grumpy celebs, not so good with their screaming fans.

Fay Sawyn is studying an MA in Advertising at the University of Bournemouth. She is a fun, passionate and creative woman looking for a role within Awareness Campaigns Advertising. Planning campaigns, being creative and innovative is important. She loves to work in a team and cares about others.

Fan Song likes everything  that is both interesting and creative. She loves different cultures and travelling. Her hope is to find a job in advertising.

George Varghese is a cheerful guy with a bagful of safe-for-work jokes, punctual and dedicated to carry a team along his goal. Would be more than happy to be a part of a system with a  proper work-flow, motivating me to be a better contributor. Enjoys an office space without cubicles or doors (the restroom is an exception

Eliot Woolfe is a PR undergraduate in his final year of study. Having just completed his work placement in the central London press office of a financial services organisation, he is fully equipped with valuable PR experience and a wider understanding of the financial services industry.