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ACR 2017 Call for Papers

ACR 2017 Call for Papers


From Magical Realism to Realizing Magic in the Market Place

July 5 – 8, 2017 Santiago de Cali, Colombia Hosted by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali

Conference Co-chairs:
Enrique P. Becerra, Ravi Chitturi and Maria Cecilia Henriquez

Conference website:

We are pleased to announce the 2017 ACR Latin American Conference,swiss replica watches “From Magical Realism to Realizing Magic in the Market Place,” organized by School of Economic and Business Administration at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana-Cali, Colombia, workshops July 5th, and conference July 6th to 8th, 2017.

Cali is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in South America.

Cali is a safe vibrant tropical metropolis in southwestern Colombia with a large diverse and festive population known for their music and dance with tropical tones, known as salsa. It is a perfect place to enlarge your academic and festive horizons.  The conference aims to create a space for consumer research that moves from a reality full of fabulous characteristics (magical realism) to a reality where the impossible is possible (magic), including research on emerging consumers and markets or moving from a reality of poverty to a reality of abundance.


Call for Papers, including special sessions, competitive and working papers, films, and roundtables.
Competitive and Working Papers – Submission Dateline: January 31, 2017 & Notification on February 26, 2017


Special Sessions
Special sessions are 75 minutes long and intended to provide opportunities for focused and coherent discussion on topics of broad interest. A special session should include four presentations of research papers or three presentation of papers and one discussant.

A proposal including: A 500 word session overview briefly describing the objective of the session, why the topic is important, and how the papers fit together. To motivate the session,

the overview should also list 1-2 questions all of the papers raise as a group. A 50 word abstract of each paper for publication in the conference program. A 750-1000 word abstract of each paper for evaluation and publication in the ACR Proceedings. Full references for each long abstract. The references do not count against the word limit and can be combined in a single list at the end of the document.

The proposal must be single-spaced, use Times New Roman Font size 12 point, with 1” margins. The word limits will be strictly enforced.



Papers representing completed research and dealing with substantive, methodological, or theoretical topics including: consumer, emerging markets, cross-cultural, multicultural, bottom of the pyramid,Breguet Replica and Latin American market research issues are invited as Competitive Paper submissions. All authors should submit a 50 word abstract and 3,600 word (maximum length) paper using Times New Roman Font Size 12, 1” margins. The paper must contain full references. Empirical papers must contain a single table summarizing all results and can contain up to one figure (optional). References, table, and figure are not included in the word count or the page limit. Word limits will be strictly enforced.

The paper should comprise a brief introduction explaining what the research question is, why it is important, and how it fits with and advances current knowledge. Detailed descriptions of the studies and the data should follow, and a brief general discussion should list limitations and highlight why (and to whom) the findings make a difference. Descriptions of the method and analysis used in each study should be transparent. The fact that there is a word limit does not imply that fewer studies, weaker data, or obscure details are acceptable.

Authors have two publishing options for a Competitive Paper.

Option 1: Authors can choose to publish the full paper in the ACR Proceedings. Authors choosing Option 1 must upload a 50 word abstract and a 3,600 word (6 pages max) paper for review, along with references, one table summarizing the results, and one optional figure. Choosing this option implies that, if accepted, the paper will not be submitted for publication elsewhere.

Option 2: Instead of publishing the full paper, authors can choose to publish a 750-1000 word abstract in the ACR Proceedings. Authors choosing Option 2 must upload a 50 word abstract, a 750-1000 word abstract, and a 3,600 word (6 pages max) paper for review, along with references, one table summarizing the results, and one optional figure. Acceptance will be based on review of the 3,600 word (6 pages max) paper, but on acceptance only the 750-1000 word abstract (including references and table) will be published in the ACR Proceedings. Authors are free to submit their paper elsewhere for publication.



Submissions detailing ongoing research on substantive, theoretical, or methodological topics on consumer, emerging market, cross-cultural, multicultural, bottom of the pyramid, and Latin American research issues are sought for the Working Papers sessions. These sessions provide the opportunity to present results of research that is still in progress (i.e., with at least part of the data having been collected and analyzed, but not necessarily ready for submission to a journal).



Forums will be designed to help bring the field together by initiating discussions between people with different approaches to similar problems or those exploring areas different from their current interests. Forums include Roundtables will be based on an application process.

Proposals must list a minimum of 5 additional people who have agreed to attend. Roundtables provide an opportunity for a group of researchers to discuss cutting-edge research ideas and/or technical issues (e.g., eye tracking, mTurk alternatives, mobility and/or intersectional qualitative techniques etc.), generate new ideas, develop collaborative relationships, and share their interests with the broader ACR community. They are intended to focus on a specific topic or issue, but are deliberately structured to be open-ended to encourage new ideas and insights. Roundtables are designed to complement the more formal presentations in Competitive Papers and Special Sessions. We encourage roundtable organizers and participants to plan and exchange ideas before the official roundtable discussions to increase benefits from the session. There are several ways in which these pre-roundtable interactions could be conducted, for example participants’ email exchanges moderated by the roundtable organizers, as well as dinners and/or informal gatherings during the conference.


Submissions need to include signup information and 1) a short (40-50 word) teaser
abstract (submitted through the conference website); and 2) edited video recordings on topics related to consumers and, preferably, directly depicting and analyzing consumers. Note: The video recordings for submission should be uploaded onto Vimeo ( and then a link and password inserted at the end of the teaser abstract. The teaser abstract is only available to the Film Festival directors, each submitting author and the assigned reviewers of each submission. After decisions have been made regarding accepted submissions, the links and passwords can be removed from the teaser abstracts, which will then be put on view for ACR audience if a submission is accepted.


Eligible video submissions should be edited to a high standard using any of the desktop editing systems available. Submissions of 10-60 minutes in length are invited. Experienced reviewers (film filmmakers and visual researchers) will evaluate the submissions based upon: i) their topical relation to some aspect of consumer behavior, highlighting wherever possible actual consumers; ii) extension and/or modification of theory and/or theory-informed description; iii) theatrical or dramatic qualities (i.e., entertainment value); and iv) production / technical values. Every care should be taken by film authors to ensure they do not infringe copyright. To learn more: look at Deadline for film festival submissions is Sunday, February 26, 2017.


Thereafter the films will be reviewed and authors will be contacted to inform them if their video has been contingently accepted by May 1st, 2017. To be fully accepted the author/s need to modify their videos in line with recommendations of the film festival co-chairs and /or reviewers and provide an email to the film festival co-chairs as to what they have changed or what they have not. Alternatively author/s can also make their own improvements and provide a brief written rationale via email. This information and links to the original and modified versions of each film should be emailed directly to the film festival co-chairs by June 10, before 23:59 Central Standard Time. Final acceptance decisions will be made by June 17. Note that in the past film-makers have overwhelmingly found the contingently accepted then fully accepted approach highly productive as it facilitates higher quality video productions at an individual level and overall a more enjoyable film festival. After the film has been fully accepted, the author/s should submit a short trailer (1.5-2 minutes) by July 1st, 20167. Unlike the final video submission, the trailer should not be password protected and be available for public viewing via a Vimeo link. The trailer will then be linked to and screened on the conference website together with the teaser abstract as a means of arousing the curiosity of the ACR conference attendees. At the conference, please bring a DVD. Alternatively supply a Vimeo address for the final version the film, which can then be played via Vimeo on the computer. At least one author of each accepted film must be present at the initial showing of their films and be available to answer questions. Viewers will vote on “People’s Choice” Awards to be announced at the Friday or Saturday luncheon. A “Judge’s Choice” Award will also be presented.

For further Information contact: Paper Submissions:


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