Summary of Broadening the Scope of Consumer Research: Deighton, MacInnis,McGill & Shiv

Broadening the Scope of Consumer Research. Journal of Consumer Research: An Interdisciplinary quarterly. Deighton, MacInnis,McGill & Shiv (2010). There are two ways to analyse the type of submissions that the journal receives:
  1. Psychological pieces offering theoretical advances with empirical support.
  2. Qualitative research conducted within the consumer culture theory paradigm
Both work together to advance the study of consumer behaviour. Findings papers are judged on the nature of the effect, not the establishment of the underlying process – heavy on effects, light on theory. Their goal is to establish the effect credibly and point the field in the direction for future study. Conceptual contributions are judged on making breakthrough ideas or providing new ways of thinking about an important aspect of consumer behaviour. There are two subcategories of this type of article:
  1. New perspectives: Introduce a new construct, theory or domain that is important but has not yet been considered. May counteract an existing paradigm.
  2. Integrative framework: Organise a large body of consumer research studies into a new perspective. Adds clarity and simplifies existing findings and articulates new ideas on existing frameworks.

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    Janice Denegri-Knott


    Thanks Elen for your your precise summary. It may be opportune to reflect on the kind of bodies of knowledge which are drawn from in order to generate new perspectives. Ultimately, and despite calls to broaden approaches to consumer research, it seems that that the positivist model and its scientific model underpin even qualitative approaches. Also we can question the need for new theory? Do we not have enough already?

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