The machinations of managing contingency

I’ll start with the voices of other people…. Here, somebody is recalling a recent visit to a local restaurant:
…And yes, only last week we were somewhere local, a newish Arabian is it, I’m not sure, no, Moroccan in Charminster, not sure if you know it. I was reading the menu and just had no idea really, I liked so much of it, and to be honest, didn’t have a clue what some of it was, Marcus would know, he knows what I like food-wise. And our two friends had already decided and the waiter was hanging around, and I was saying to Marcus, oh I just don’t know, what do you think, and he said ‘Well I know you like that and we can’t really make that at home…it’s hard to make get the ingredients and all that’, so in the end that helped and that decided for me what I’d go for. He’s good at that, I like that Marcus can always come up with a reason for me to decide.


Faculty of Media & Communication, Bournemouth University