Summary: “I’ll Sell This and I’ll Buy Them That”: eBay and the management of possessions as stock.

Janice Denegri-Knott & Mike Molesworth (Disposing) “The processes through which the economic or exchange values of previously owned goods are re-activated and the role eBay plays in facilitating such practices.” The research ventures past the point of purchase and into the “domain of disposal”.swiss panerai replica What is the path the object takes from “personal appropriation” to “commodity exchange”? How are private meanings replaced by commodity meanings in the process of mourning in order to sell? How does this facilitate promiscuous consumer behaviour? p.306 “…economic value…is axiomatic to practices of disposal”. p. 307 “Cleaning, mending and re-packaging objects help ensure private meanings are emptied and its imagined economic values and associated public meanings re-imbued.” Framing and negotiating value in performative space (i.e. eBay), generating narratives acceptable to buyers. eBay: – Stock + promiscuous biographies of objects and behaviours of consumers. (“One-night stand consumption.) Ownership as temporary for the value of investment and easily recouped. – If things from eBay are not what was expected, there is a failure to become attached. – Cultivation of value. – Sellers have to self-taught ability to become experts and marketers. Panerai Replica Watches p.314 “Individual, private meanings that have been attached to goods is replaced by efforts to retain economic value.” Thoughts: I’m not just saying this, but Janice and Mike’s article is really readable and quickly gets to the different ways consumers use and relate to the concept of eBay.

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