Summary of The Storied Life of Singularized Objects: Forces of Agency and Network Transformation

Summary of The Storied Life of Singularized Objects: Forces of Agency and Network Transformation Amber M Epp Linda L Price This was a very interesting study into understanding the role of material commodities in families and the process of how an object becomes singularized into a network and then also the period between entering the home and becoming recommodified elsewhere. The methodology consisted of a 2 year study following the tight knit Erikson family and their kitchen table which had been passed down from the previous generation. adidas nmd Interviews and transcripts were conducted from both parents and the 2 older girls in the family as well as other family members such as the grandmother. buy bns gold The Erikson’s had strong family values, they were very religious and for a large part of the children’s life had homeschooled them- notably around the object of focus. adidas nmd The table provided a hub where many of the core familial activities occurred. Epp and Price highlighted that the “singularization process reverberates through a network of practices” including arts and craft and also as a “space” for example the kitchen being the headquarters. ffxiv Items This then extended the meanings that the table had for the family and became a crucial place to highlight the family identity. The study then went on to look how the aforementioned object can become displaced within the network. FF14 gil The Erikson family moved house and in doing this the kitchen, where the table once stood, was smaller in size and an unpractical space for the table. ugg noir pas cher The family though were still insistent the table was to have a place in their house and it bore so many meanings, and was such an important item to them that they tried to replicate its function elsewhere in the house. However all rooms it could have gone in were again too impractical and other objects such as another smaller more valuable table, and a Foosball table took preference over the first big kitchen table. This was interesting and it showed how an object can easily lose its function through external forces, but it is important to point out that the family did not lose their feelings towards the table, and were considering extending the kitchen and to once again singularize the table. Overall it was a very thorough study into the process of how a particular object undertakes meanings when entering a home. The family in question had strong family values, and used the table as a core of their family activities. It would be interesting, especially in today’s modern society to look at other family structures, maybe those with less core family values and see what sort of objects are singularized in their households. Using this it may be of value to see if there are different patterns to singularization and also if there is a quicker displacement process within the network.

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