This project seeks to better understand the transformative potential of digital/virtual consumption (DVC), the consumption of digital goods and experiences available through the Internet, online multiplayer games, video game consoles, smart phones and other electronic devices.

Summary: “I’ll Sell This and I’ll Buy Them That”: eBay and the management of possessions as stock.

Janice Denegri-Knott & Mike Molesworth (Disposing) “The processes through which the economic or exchange values of previously owned goods are re-activated and the role eBay plays in facilitating such practices.” The research ventures past the point of purchase and into the “domain of disposal”. What is the path the object takes from “personal appropriation” to “commodity exchange”? How are private meanings replaced by commodity meanings in the process of mourning in order to sell? How does this facilitate promiscuous consumer behaviour?

How digital advances have affected emotions towards material possessions

This could be looked into contrasting both young and old peoples opinions. As touched on in our class discussion, it is strange how a photograph can be so special to us however very rarely to people print them off nowadays. Further to this, my special possession was a digital thing potentially classed as intangible. However it was the memory’s behind the documents/images/movies as opposed to the thing itself. Whats more, as Janice said, we weight so much value on uploading photo’s to Facebook, or having them on Flicker etc. And pester friends to ‘put up pictures of so and so…’ It would be interesting to explore how strong the bond is with digital sacred items in comparison to material possessions, and to compare this between generations. It may also shed light onto where the future is taking us and how our feelings towards these sacred items may change in a decade’s time.


Faculty of Media & Communication, Bournemouth University