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Group Essay Question Possibilities

  1. People’s reactions to BORROWED ITEMS – how do they feel? Do people who borrow from them match up to their expectations, do they return the itwms as they were before? Is it similar to sharing… etc… 
  2. How do we feel about LOST objects – ones that we are FORCED to give up because they got lost of burnt or had to sell for money?

Richins, M. L. 1994. Valuing things- The public and private meanings of possessions. Journal of Consumer Research- An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 21 (3)-504-21

To summarise the journal, it was all about the different theories on the public and private creation of meanings, and that people don’t just purchase things for their social [public] meanings but for their private meanings as well. Firstly it took the reader through why we purchase goods; we purchase and use goods to… 1) give ourselves an identity / find our sense of identity 2) to fit in to our culture’s social communication system 3) because we give possessions a meaning which is what gives them a value…


Faculty of Media & Communication, Bournemouth University