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Ambiguous Commodities.

Following the theme of borrowed or lost items, what about something in between? Housesitting, pet watching; these are professional jobs, but they are also jobs we get a friend, neighbour, cousin to do. What level of trust is there? How does the ‘looker-after’ feel about the house/pet/car etc. There is quite a high level of responsibility, but does it become personal?

Engagement and ownership of group activities.

Following the Hen & Stag do theme, thinking about other strange group activities we participate in: Christmas Office Parties, Baby Showers, Surprise Birthday Parties (some birthdays, like 50 years, we consider more important than others), (non-religious people?) Christening After-Parties, House Warmings, Team Building, etc.

People as commodities.

“In a survey conducted by Men’s Health magazine, 44% of the males said they had an affair with a co-worker at a holiday office party at least once in their life.” How do we feel about the concept of ‘owning’ another person? We do not feel protective over a sibling in the same way we do a partner, do we? Is the mourning we suffer when selling/disposing of a commodity similar to when a sibling, friend get married or when we split up from partners or move out of our parents’ homes? Jealousy (according to Richard Dawkins) is a natural instinct we use to protect our kin and to keep close, how does this compare to possessiveness – are we allowed to feel possessive over people?


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