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Displaying possessions of meaning

A study into the possessions we share with the world and those which we deem to be private. Has the increase of social networking meant we share more of our life, or just specific parts which show us in our best light? This also links back to the Russell Cotes museum and their wish to leave their life on show for all to behold, is facebook our version of this? What possessions of meaning don’t we share or display and why?

Summary: The Fire of Desire.

The Fire of Desire: A Multisited Inquiry into consumer passion. Russell W. Belk, Guliz Ger & Soren Askegaard The paper argues that “desire is the motivating force behind much of contemporary consumption” yet there are huge amounts of research surrounding the topic but nothing in existence that focuses specifically on desire.

A review on The Unmanageable Consumer By Amy O’Connor and Rosanna Neophytou

A review on The Unmanageable Consumer (Yiannis Gabriel and Tim Lang, 1995) By Amy O’Connor and Rosanna Neophytou In this useful and easy to read text the authors examine a selection of different views on “the consumer” including those of the new right economists, consumer activists and cultural theorists to name a few. The vast amounts of views on what inspires and drives a consumer  are evaluated and critiqued.  The text not only focuses on academic conversations but also on everyday viewpoints on the consumer.


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