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Dealing in second hand goods: creating meaning and value – Liz Parsons

This paper looks into how the ways in which dealers create and maintain meaning and value in relation to the second hand goods they buy and sell. Parson’s (2006) insinuates how price is largely a component of economic life while value is largely a component of social life. best replica watches In other words the values we attach to our possessions can be personalised but the creation and maintenance of these values is an inherently a social process. Dealers play a significant role in the process of value creation. They use a variety of techniques to inject meanings into objects. It has been suggested dealers create new lives for objects as such, they die in one context and are revived in another, thus becoming ‘re-enchanted.’ While they may attempt to re-hant objects with meaning through the rituals of display and presentation, In the case of antiques in particular, dealers create an illusion of desire by manipulating the histories of objects to add value to them. Therefore, it has become essential for dealers to have in dept knowledge of markets and of the objects themselves because a key way in which they realise value is by exploiting the ignorance of others. However, dealers must show a degree of morality and those dealers who avoid engaging in social relations are seen by other dealers as callous. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches

Consumer lifestyles and online shopping continuance intention.

N. Ahmad, A. Omar & T. Ramayah., 2010. Consumer lifestyles and online shopping continuance intention. Journal of Business strategies series. 11 (4), 227-243. Malaysia: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Replica Breguet Watches This paper examines the factors which may affect a consumer’s intention to purchase in cyberspace.  It has become apparent how the term ‘Online Shopping’ cannot be defined in one particular way. Kim (2004) defines online shopping as examining, searching for, browsing for or looking at a product to get more information with the possible intention of purchasing on the internet. Alternatively, according to Chiu et al. (2009), online shopping can be considered as an exchange of time, effort and money for receiving products or services.


Faculty of Media & Communication, Bournemouth University