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Potential Areas of Research

The topic of desire is one that I feel would be an interesting area to conduct further research. As discussed in our last workshop and carrying on from the literature we have read, a possibility for such could be to study the subject of daydreaming and whether consumers prefer the notion of daydreaming about an object of their desire or whether they daydream about the feeling of desire itself. This would be an interesting path along which we can research as i think it consistent with ourselves, having all desired something in our lives and letting daydreams take over our conscious minds. However is the reason we carry on desiring things because we like the feeling it gives us or is it something more?  Are we more interested in escaping reality than remaining in an uninspiring world? Why do we keep desiring once we have achieved an object of desire? (Campbell’s cycle/ recycle of desire) I think this area of research could give us some answers.


Faculty of Media & Communication, Bournemouth University