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“An Emerald Green Jaguar, A House on Nantucket, and an African Safari:” Wish Lists and Consumption Dreams in Materialist Society

Becci Dive Paper Summary The key objective of the paper is to open up pre-purchase dreaming as a form of consumer behaviour, in particular where these pre-purchase dreaming activities manifest in consumer wish lists, exploring the status of pre-purchase dreaming as an act of consumption. Existing examples of pre-acquisition phenomena touched on are materialistic aspirations (Fournier and Richins 1991), wish-lists (Belk and Zhou 1987), anticipatory consumption experiences (MacInnis and Price 1990), consumption fantasies (Hirschman and Holbrook 1982) and vicarious consumption experiences (MacInnis and Price 1987).

Potential Conferences

Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) – Feb 16th-18th, Four Seaons Hotel Las Vegas: Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference (ACP) – no 2012 information available, but was in May 2011 European Social Science History Conference (EHSC) – call for papers was May 2011 but thought Janice might have a contact, Feb 11th – 12th,  Glasgow: Association of Business Historians Conference (ABH) – July 6th – 7th: Macromarketing Conference – June 13th – 16th, Berlin: Social History Society Conference – April 3rd – 5th, Brighton: 1st International Communication Students Symposium – April 26th – 27th, Izmir, Turkey: Paris International Congress of Humanities and Social Science Research – July 24th – 28th, Hotel Concorde La Fayette, Paris: International Conference of Cultural and Social Aspects of Research – March 22nd – 24th, San Antonio, Texas: International Conference on Human and Social Sciences – March 23rd – 25th, Tirana, Albania: Academy of Marketing Conference – July 2nd – 5th, Southampton: LCBR European Marketing Conference – August 9th – 10th, Munich: International Marketing Conference – January 12th – 14th, Uttar Pradesh, India: International Marketing Trends Conference – January 19th – 21st, Venice: Global Marketing Conference – July 19th- 22nd, Seoul: Kellog Marketing Conference – January 20th – 21st, Illinois:

Cherished Possession – Potential Areas for Research

Becci Dive One of the main points relating to my cherished item is that I will not being using it whilst still at university, as to me it is not appropriate for the social interaction I will be partaking in. This relates to Peterson and Kern’s (1996) acknowledgement of multiplicity of practices (the student me vs. the working me) and an idea of temporary divestment. Although the jacket is cherished, I am avoiding indulging in such feelings or the item itself until I view the timing as appropriate. There is potentially room for study into divestment / detachment based on the current practice / social situation; for example if someone religiously has a teddy bear that they sleep with nightly, when they move to university, the item may adopt a totally different persona in the daytime (thrown on a shelf / under the bed) when peer interaction is likely, but at night the relationship returns to the and the status of the item returns. There could also be scope for further research into the value placed on a product from those who are involved also in the practice at hand (in this situation, my intern colleagues know what the item is worth especially after working unpaid, and what it represents coming from my boss) compared to those external to the practice. This study could also be applied to those involved in the practice but at a different level. You could not move for designer jackets in the office so to those people, the item would have less worth, even though they are consumed by the practice, even more than I was. Does anyone have any thoughts?


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