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There are some things money can’t buy….wait….nevermind. A brilliant article written last year explaining the success story of Mastercard and their ‘Priceless Campaign’ that has been integrated across cultures globally. In a time of materialism and consumerism they adopted a revolutionary exclusive approach which proved greatly successful

Potential Research Topics

After reading around divestment, desire and singularisation, the two topics that I immediately felt akin to were the notions of desire as a multisited inquiry into consumer passion by Belk and the three paths to disposition by Lastovicka.  Obviously further reading in and around these subject areas will ‘fire my desire’ (excuse the pun) to make the final decision for my chosen research area.  I particularly loved the fashioned future research concepts that were voiced with regards to desire…
  • ” Is daydreaming a subconscious portal in which people can control desire when it comes to achieving the object or experience that is momentarily being desired?” and…
  • “ Is this concept fuelled by the desire to give the feeling of desire itself, an infinite life cycle?”
Belks journal on the fire of desire and his reference to Campbells ‘Romantic ethic and the spirit of modern hedonism’ would be useful to research as would Janice and Mikes ‘Love it buy it sell it’ which I am yet to read.


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